services plane bulletTechnical Representation

Technical representation for aircraft acceptance inspections, lease returns, heavy maintenance inspections, cargo door installation, structural modifications and aircraft dismantling. Our team has the been involved in all facets of the aviation industry for over the last thirty years giving Airframe & Engine Surveyors over One Hundred years of hands on managerial experience and ability to provide one of the highest level of competency in the market today.

services plane bulletAircraft and Technical Records Inspection Audits

Aircraft and Technical records Scanning & Indexing, creation of Inventories, electronic storage [with secure online access], and full End of Lease transaction system. Instant, secure access to all documentation online anywhere in the world.

services plane bulletCMMS and AMS Recommendations

Recommendations for CMMS and AMS in one unique program. Systems which incorporate the latest in OCR / ICR software to give the user a super fast Search Engine and Document Management System at their fingertips, assisting with maintaining a current / live status for their aircraft and heavily reducing costs relating to replacement of components / compliance with ADs / SBs etc. Inspection audits for ongoing technical asset management and continuing fleet airworthiness surveillance.

services plane bulletClaims Handling for Commercial and General Aviation

Claims handling for commercial and general aviation hull, all risk and product liability losses - our surveyors have handled claims in the amount of $5,000.00 US to over $40,000,000.00 US. Where our policyholders ranged from private owners to the largest carriers in the world. Specific data can be supplied upon request.

services plane bulletRisk Assessment Surveys

Risk assessment surveys for Airlines, Fixed Base Operators and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Organizations. A survey that can provide your Underwriter the information to better assess the liabilities surrounding your business giving you the insured the opportunity to show cause for reduced premiums.

services plane bulletAccomplishment of Fleet and Individual Aircraft Appraisals

Our certified appraisers provide you with appraisals based upon the current market values for:

  • Commercial transport aircraft appraisals
  • General aviation aircraft appraisals
  • Business aircraft appraisals
  • Helicopter appraisals
  • Parts inventory appraisals
  • Future value forecasting

services plane bulletAcquisition Services

Acquisition Services are provided by A&E Surveyors for fleet expansion, start-up or individuals who require the services of a company to locate and assist in the procurement process whether they are looking to purchase or acquire by way of a lease which best suits their needs.

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